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I've been working in the world of cosmetics for many years, including experience as a make-up artist in various countries and industries. I've always loved everything to do with colours and textures, so working with people and pigments makes my heart sing.

Through my first job as a trainer at Sephora in Barcelona, I got to know a great many products and brands in detail. But since a general conscious reorientation of my life, I started to think more and more about the materials I work with. I found there were hardly any products without micro-plastic elements or ingredients with detrimental hormonal impacts. And, there are unfortunately still far too many products being tested on animals.

The make-up market is now flourishing and it can be difficult to keep an overview given the sheer range of products out there. Which products are ones which cause no harm? Which products can I buy without causing undue harm to either my skin or our planet? 

With my coaching sessions and workshops, I aim to help people who are asking exactly these questions, and show you the way to more sustainable and conscious lifestyle choices.

In tandem with all this, I've been working for a few years as a yoga instructor. I find this a wonderful combination, as yoga is all about looking inside oneself to recognise one's inner beauty and true essence. In this way, my holistic wellness & beauty concept came into being: "Beauty Inside Out".

I look forward to getting to know you soon in my studio or on the yoga mat and helping you to shine, body and soul. 

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